NASA heading back to Moon

NASA is accelerating plans to return Americans to the moon. 

“It’s important that we get back to the moon as fast as possible. This time, when we go to the moon, we’re actually going to stay. We’re not going to leave flags and footprints and then come home to not go back for another 50 years. We’re doing it entirely different form the every other country. What we’re doing is, we’re making it sustainable so you can go back and forth regularly with humans.”

,said Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator, in a meeting at NASA’s Washington headquarters, adding he hoped to have astronauts back there by 2028.

The last person to walk on the Moon was Eugene Cernar in December 1972, during the Apollo 17 mission, the last of the Apollo programm.

“We want to go fast”, said Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

Before this manned program, NASA is having in plan sending scientific instruments and other tools to the Moon within 2020.

Before humans set foot on the lunar surface again, NASA wants to send an unmanned vehicle int he Moon by 2024. The agency plans to build a small space station in the Moon’s orbit in 2026. It will serve as a way-station for trips to and from the surface of the Moon. However the station will not be permanently crewed like the ISS, currently in Earth’s orbit.

Let’s hope their missions will have success!

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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