InSight launch

NASA launch today, 5 May, 7:05 EDT a new lander to Mars named InSight.

Among with other active landers and rovers, InSight is a lot more special, but why?

The rovers and satellites sent out there on Mars, study Mars’s surface. Of course it is very important to learn about the outher crust of a planet. We learned lots of new things from rovers and satellites. Like the fact that once, Mars had lakes and oceans, or what the main components of the atmosphere are, but we our rovers didn’t study the inner components, or the seismic activity on Mars.

This is what InSight will do! It will dig in the planets surface 5m (16ft) deep so that it could measure the temperature of the inside of the planet and sense marsquakes for the first time in humanity.

So InSight will study the geological aspects of Mars. This way, we will be able to receive vital measurements on Mars, important for the next rover that we will send to Mars, “Mars 2020”.

Aboard the Atlas V rocket, InSight will land on Mars on the 26-th of November, if all goes good on its journey.

If this mission goes well, NASA will receive very important information, which will change the way we see Mars!