International Space Station 2

The international space station is currently a space laboratory. Each year, a now group of astronauts go to the space station to make experiments to understand space better.

To be an astronaut you need very good physical and psychical health. The astronauts train months and months to get to space.

Astronauts must be confident with the G-force that occurs during the rocket travel to space, where the spacecraft much reach a speed of over 11 km/s (Earth’s Escape Velocity), to escape Earth’s gravitational pull and orbit the planet.

In microgravity, the human body is weightless, so after going in space for months, returning to Earth, which has gravity, will be exhausting for astronauts. So every day, astronauts work out 2 hours every day. They have a treadmill, a bicycle and other workout machines. 

Also with these 2 hours every day workout, all astronauts feel it hard to move on Earth.

The microgravity also affects the eyes, so at the returning to Earth, most astronauts need glasses. A famous Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, got blind in space! Here is an informational video about the famous case!

On the ISS, astronauts sleep in private vertical cabins, dotted with computers and a sleeping bag. Because there is no gravity, astronauts just sleep floating in the cabin.

The food is mostly dehydrated and put in small plastic bags, for the astronauts to hydrate the food with special machines. They also have bite sized snacks, like biscuits, for the astronauts not to make bread crumbs, that could damage the spacecraft.

As we said in the last article about the ISS, that all the liquids, like pee and sweat, are being filtered in drinking water, so the ISS is very economize, saving lots of money.

ISS astronauts are not affected by the Sun’s radiation, because the LEO (Low Earth Orbit), where the ISS orbits, is protected by Earth’s magnetosphere, so it’s safe to live in the ISS. 

In conclusion, the ISS help us learn more every day, with prepared astronauts onboard. Want to now how many people in space are? Check the website below: