Parker solar probe, a mission to touch the sun! The Hottest Ticket this summer!

NASA will send this summer, between 31 July-19 August the first spacecraft to ‘touch’ the Sun!

The spacecraft will study the Sun by entering its first layer of atmosphere. Parker solar probe will face heat and radiation, like no spacecraft before it! Its construction will require the best heat shield ever made, for the probe to survive the extreme conditions and to send the information to Earth.

The Parker solar probe will have with it a microchip with lots of names that were submited on their website. This is named the ‘Hot ticket’ and its totally free. Your name with other thousands will make a journey to the hottest place in the Solar System, the Sun! This is pretty cool isn’t it? All you need to do is enter a specific page on the NASA website, whose link you will find below, enter your full name and your e-mail address. A confirmation e-mail wil be delivered to you, from the sender specified in the website. You just click the link in the mail, and you should end up with your Hot Ticket, along with your name stored on the microchip that will fly in space!

The link for the sign-up page:

We also did it and it doesn’t require any payment! You now can be proud and show the ticket to your friends!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submissions will be accepted through April 27, 2018. 

For more information enter the Parker Solar Probe official website: