Searching for alien life

” There are two possibility:

  1. We are alone in the universe
  2. We are not alone in the universe


Both are same terrifying!


The key of life is liquid water, some planets are too close to their star, and some are too far away, so water is in form of vapors or ice. But there is a “Habitable Zone” which depends on the luminozity and the heat, that the star produces, as we know from Dake’s Equasion. 

There could be forms of life like microbs on other planets, but what we need is intelligent life forms, like humans or even smarter, which only evolve in Bilions of years!

Theoreticly, life is possible on other planets, knowing that there are 10 septilion stars in the observable universe, which all have some planets orbiting it.

But where are all the aliens? This is called the Fermi Paradox, and noone can explain it! We did’t get contact aliens, or we don’t know about it, because NASA or other space agencies work for the goverment and they keep some things top secret. 

A planet with intelligent life forms could be very far away from Earth, so maybe some civilisations already sent messages to us, but it would have to travel lots of light years, so the message would arrive in a lot of time!

We observed cupple of planets that could sustain life, like Kepler62e, which is Dubble the size of Earth. This planet doesn’t rotate it’s axis, so the best would be to stay between the dark and light side. 

We also have the TRAPPIST solar system discovered in february 2016. It consists of a small star with 7 planets. Three of them could sustain life. 

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