Time travel

Time travel is a concept approached by scientists and SF movies. 

But is time travel a real thing?

It depends on w]hat kind of time travel you are thinking at. Actually you are right now traveling in time… to the future. 

But this is not the kind of time travel you are thinking at, isn’t it? According to the theory of special relativity, which we talked about in my last post, if you would travel with over 70% of the speed of light, time will significantly slow down for you, so when you come back to Earth, you will be in the future for a limited time of years.

You will have the same result, if you would stay on a planet with grater gravitational pulse. We have the same situation in the movie Interstellar.

The crew arrived on a planet, which orbited the giant Black Hole Gargantua. Due to its enormous gravitational pull, one hour spent over there is equal to 7 years on Earth. In their 3 hour on that planet, all people on Earth were 21 years older.


Now let’s see what’s about travelling to the past.

 In theory we could travel in the past with wormholes, which we also talked about in a past post. Wormholes are theoretical briges in space that folds space-time to get a shortcut to a certain place in the Universe. 

Also according to special relativity, if we could move one end with near the speed of light, than time will slow down there, so when you would go through it, you will end up in the past. 

Wormholes are not confirmed, which makes time travel to the past impossible for now!

But let’s say you can somehow travel in the past and talk to the younger you. Something happens here…

You now remember that moment from two perspectives:

  1. You that traveled in time to speak to the younger you
  2. The younger you ,who met you from the future



Imagine how confusing it would be to experience this…


Now let’s talk about the famous GRANDFATHER PARADOX

Imagine that you would go back in time and killed your grandfather when he was a child. Than your grandfather could’t born your mum, so you couldn’t exist to travel back in time, so that means my grandfather is safe and so I could be born…

Your mind is melting, isn’t it? 

This a very disgussed paradox, which has probbably an explenation.

There is a theory that sais that what you influence by traveling in the past, changes the course of things in a parallel universe. But this is just boring, because it avoids the mind-blowing paradox…

Nothing I said about traveling into the past is real. All are just theories, to which no one has proof. 


In conclusion, time travel to the future is definitely possible, but time travel to the past… not possible with our current knowledge! 

Let’s hope someone will come from the future and reveal to us this mistery.


See you next time!