Wormholes are portals in space. 

They can get you from one point to another in the universe in a higher dimension, folding space-time

To make you understand easier how wormholes work, here is a little presentation you can show to your friends/

Let’s say a piece of paper represents the space-time. Draw two points in your ‘universe’ , which are too far away to get there with the current technology, so you take a wormhole, a shortcut in space.

We said that wormholes fold the space-time, now let’s fold the paper. What do you notice?

Now you got to your destination saving time and precious fuel.

The only problem is that it’s not that simple…

If you would pass through wormhole, you would need a big ammount of negative energy to hold both ends open, which probably doesn’t exist…

Now let’s talk a bit about time travel.

Here’s the deal:

When you get to the other end, the time will not be different, BUT if one side is near a Black Hole or another celestial body with higher gravitational field or if the end somehow travels with near the speed of light, as we know from Einstein’s general theory of relativity, time will be different, so you will no longer travel just from a place to another, you will also travel to a moment to an other in the past. 

We don’t know if worm holes exist, so traveling in the past could not be possible…

All I said here is only theoretical, but we have to admit, that this is one of the most interesting theory and topic in the universe.

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This is all for today, see you next time in a other place in the universe.

Photo source: space.com

One thought on “Wormholes

  1. I like the idea of being at one point, then “wrinkle” space/time, step to another point, then “unwrinkle” space/time.
    A “tesseract” the only way to travel. LoL


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