Black Holes II

Here we go with the second and last post about black holes. If you didn’t read the first one, check it out here.

In the last post we talked about how black holes form, and about space-time curvature they make, which infuences the time.

In this post we will get a closer look at these misterious and fascinating things in our universe. 

We know that black holes are born from a dying star, but do we know how black holes die? This process is called Hawking radiation, discovered from Stephen Hawking.

Black holes radiate their mass away, like a  bowl with very hot water. Though this process is extremely slow! It takes a googol (10^100) years for a black hole to evaporate, leaving behind a little radiation.

Black holes can have diferent sizes. There are smaller black holes, the size of an asteroid or the size of our sun, but there are also Supermassive black holes, that are at the center of every galaxy.

What would happen, if you would fall into a black hole?

Here’s the deal:

When you approach the event horizon, nothing much will happen. From the view of a person flying over the event horizon with a rocket, you would appear to slow down and stop forever.

From your view, you will reach the event horizon without noticing. You now can fly only in the direction of the singularity, seeing the universe fast-forward in the future. 

Seems that nothing very bad will happen to you, isn’t it?

No, you can’t just live forever in a black hole. Duh!

After you get closer to the singularity, you will be ripped appart in particles and be transformed into a spaghetti. The scientific name for this process is called ‘spaghettification’.

How fast you will die, depends on the mass of the black hole. A smaller black hole will spaghettify you before you even enter its event horizon. 

You would need to travel more into a bigger black hole to get killed. 

There is another interesting theory about black holes. It sais that, if you travel in a black hole, you will arrive in a parallel universe through a white hole!

This is insane, knowing that proving this theory, it will change all we know about black holes!

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