A bus-size asteroid will fly by Earth

NASA detected a bus size asteroid that will safely fly within 130.000km (70.000 miles) on Friday, 2 March.

The asteroid DV1 was first seen from Mount Lemmon observatory in Arizona on Monday, 26 February.

But what are asteroids?

Asteroids are a combination of massive rock, dust and metals. The most asteroids are located in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Smaller asteroids are named meteoroids, witch are in theory bigger then a grain and smaller than a asteroid

The meteoroids that enter Earth’s atmosphere and evaporate, are named meteors. We know them better as shooting stars.

Asteroids or meteoroids that do not disintegrate in Earth atmosphere and hit its surface are named meteorites.

The best part?

Asteroids successfully hit Earth’s surface very rare, so you don’t need to worry… 🙂