Black Holes

Black holes are probably the strangest things in our universe. What are they and where do they come from? Stay tuned to find out more! 

Stars are giant collections of mostly hydrogen and helium molecules held together by GRAVITY.

 The core fuses these elements, releasing a enormous amount of energy, maintaning a balance between the radiation of the core and the gravity.

Although in billions of years, the core starts fusing heavier elements, until it can’t produce enough energy and the balance of energy and gravity will brocken. 

The best part?

The core colapses within a fraction of a second, as the star dies in a SUPER-NOVA explosion, expelling all its remaining energy. This creates either a neutron star, which we will talk about in a later post, or, if the star has enough mass, a BLACK HOLE

What you see at a black hole is the EVENT HORIZON, the border, where nothing can escape a black hole, neither light!

In the center of a black hole, we have the SINGULARITY. All we know about the singularity is that it is infinitely dense, meaning that all the stars mass was crushed into it. The problem is we are not sure what the singularity actually is…

From what we know, the size of the singularity depends on the size of the star. We can calculate it using the SCHWARZSCHIELD RADIUS of the star. 

Schwarzschield radius:

{\displaystyle r_{s}={\frac {2MG}{c^{2}}}}

So if The Sun would tranform into a black hole (although it hasn’t enough mass), its singularity would be 3 km (1.8 miles). 

By the way, Black holes are not like vacuum cleaners! If we would put instead of the sun, a same mass black hole, nothing would chande, exept that we will all freeze to death…

Now prepare to have your mind blown!

Black Holes are not objects, but there are actually space-time curvatures, as we know from Einsteins theory of general relativity. 

Think it like a mess in a place of the universe. 

In a black hole, time flows different, once you cross the event horizon, time doesn’t make any sense at all, and when you approach the singularity…

… well, time doesn’t exist at all! You can’t refere any more to ‘When?’ but just to ‘Where?’!

Imagini pentru mind blow gif

WOW! A lot of information for today, isn’t it?

We have a lot more to talk about black holes, but in a future episode. 

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