Parallel universes

You probably heard about the multiverse or about parallel universes, but do you really know What they are? Let’s talk more about them.

The multiverse theory says that there is not one Universe but a infinite amount of them. A parallel universe is another reality with different laws of physics.

You see, when you make a decision in your universe, in a parallel universe you took another decision which will lead to other consequences.

The Best part?

Knowing that there are a infinite number on them, your perfect world could be out there.

In parallel universes everything is possible!Knowing that the laws of physics are different, planets and life can not form, but fortunately there are also universes similar to ours.

Some people claim to come from a parallel universe, but all of this “cases” are probably fake.

Portals between universes form when two universes collide with each other, but like all I said before, this is just a theory!