The Sun

Our local star, the Sun, is a ball of hot plasma with 750 times the mass of all the Solar System’s planets combined! At its core, which has a temperature of 15.7 million C ( 28.3 million F ), nuclear fusion reactions produce helium for hydrogen and generate huge amounts of energy in form of light, heat, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation and Radio waves.  It’s surface temperature has stayed constant since it formed about 4.6 B years ago, and will remain like this another 5 B years. Than, it will transform into a *red giant star and destroy the * inner planets

The Sun’s atmosphere has 3 layers. Just above the *photosphere (5300 C or 9570 F) lies the chromosphere, which is about 2000 km (1200 miles) deep. Going up through the chromosphere, the temperature gradually rises until it gets to the very hot core. 

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* red giant star = a category of stars

* inner planets = Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars

* photosphere = Sun’s visible surface layer

Credit: Smithsonian NATURE guide: Stars and Planets